PURE takes influence from Prada’s roots;
based off of the Dumbo di Milano Catholic Church in Milan. Bringing Prada to a modern age, the brand extension will introduce a new and improved sustainability aspect.

Eyewear Brand Extension

Explores the unique design characteristics of Ferragamo's Italian handcraftsmanship,

adding a new sustainable aspect to one of

the brand's most iconic product.

Pop-up shop created to launch

Louis Vuitton beauty line.

Pozzo di Borgo
Alexander McQueen

 "Pozzo di Borgo evokes specific feelings inside of me. It makes me feel elegant and stylish. This perfume wears like a well-chosen suit; it not only makes you look better in eyes of other people but it also makes you feel better. It's like someone gave you a nice dose of self-confidence."

Alexander McQueen Interlinked is a sustainable brand extension, committed to 100% sustainable sourcing, production, and manufacturing.

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Melting Away

Melting Away is a collection created using only recycled materials such as plastic bags. Exploring the idea that people should realize that their over-consumption is causing over-production and pollution, which leads to Global Warming.


by Zimmermann

Brand Extension

The ultimate goal of this project was to create a fragrance for the Australian brand Zimmermann.


Stella McCartney

Sustainable maekup collection created

using natural ingredients & eco-friendly packaging.


Photoshoot inspired by the iconic

model, actress, and artist

Veruschka von Lehndorff

​A fascinating aura of mystique, this cookbook explores the balance between emotions in each realm that the protagonist and the personalities experience.


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