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8 Mars - Pozzo

di Borgo

Valentine Pozzo di Borgo has grown up in the family history. From her passion for the creation of perfumes, she has taken on the challenge to transform her family tree into an exceptional collection of fragrances, each inspired by the personality of a family member, with their birthday as the name for this fragrance.

8 Mars 1764 evokes the subtle aromas of a drop of cognac poured into a burning coffee, set on a woody backdrop of grand elegance.

"It evokes specific feelings inside of me. It makes me feel elegant and stylish. This perfume wears a well-chosen suit; it not only makes you look better in the eyes of other people but it also makes you feel better. It's like someone gave you a nice dose of self-confidence." - Statement


Advertising Campaign for Pozzo di Borgo


Chateau du Marquis de Sade.

Lacoste, France


Fall 2019

Pozzo#1 copia.jpg

Creative Team:

Camila Passiani & Chloe Gentry

Photographer: Camila Passiani

Model: Michael Braden